Harvest Module

An aseptic harvest and transfer with pneumatic or manual flushed harvest/bottom valve.
Fully automatic OR semi-automatic harvest process sequence with independent SIP / CIP , activities meeting the requirements of qualification & validation.
Smart Process automation/control logic designed by experts from hands on process experience.
In-house designing of logic to program, interlocks, process alarms.
Designed to meet process, user, GMP requirements.
All possible options of PLC, HMI, SCADA automation architectures meeting user’s requirements, clean room layouts & budgets. Designed with advanced platforms.
Precise control of CPPs.
Real time comparison of batch parameters with reference Golden Batch.
21 CFR, Part 11 compatibility and integral features of Audit trails as per client’s regulatory needs.
Smartly designed control panels with all possible options of communications.
Advanced features of Web hosting for remote monitoring of the process.
Remote assistance for online troubleshooting.