In terms of volume, India supplies roughly 20% of worldwide pharmaceutical demand as a prominent producer of cost-effective and quality-controlled generic medications. In fact, India’s healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector was one of the world’s fastest expanding, with a 754 percent increase predicted between 2017 and 2060. BioAspire specialises in the production of sterile pharmaceutical units and processes such as compounding, holding/filtration, and filling. Some of our excellent Pharma product offerings are listed below.


These are medical treatments that are not administered by the mouth. (Apart from the intestine.) Parenteral preparations are sterile preparations that contain one or more active substances and are designed for administration into the body via injection, infusion, or implantation. Because they are not for ingestion, sterile, pyrogen-free preparations are required, hence sterility in the process design and operations is critical. As the product is supplied by parenteral routes, the design of process solutions, transfers, filtration, cleaning, sterilisation, and packing is crucial. Parenteral nutrition comes in a variety of forms. They are classified into two groups based on their unit dose volumes.

It's a dose that's less than 100ml in volume. These are the smaller-volume doses. The majority of the time, it's utilised to give drugs. They're typically employed when a medicine has the potential to cause local irritation when administered. SVPs are commonly found in the following formats:

  • Ampoules
  • Vials
  • Double Chambered Vials
  • Sterile Ophthalmic Solutions
  • Optic Solutions
  • Nasal Solutions

When the unit dose containing volume of 101ml to 1000ml, it is called as large volume parenteral –LVP Tt is normally used to provide nutrition, fluids, calories, electrolytes or combination of all these. Usually available in the following forms: –

  • IV infusions
  • Irrigating Solutions
  • Peritoneal Dialysates
  • Ringer (isotonic)Solutions
  • Distilled Water