Bio Pharma Vessel

A good selection of vessels can perfectly mix the media components and ensure the growth and support of microorganisms with important precursor inducers for the manufacture of a specific targeted product.

Our multiple Downstream Process Vessels include:

  • Buffer Vessel that constitutes different buffers that are necessary at each level. The buffers are made in a Buffer Vessel.
  • Harvest Vessels, that are required for harvested fermentation broth
    Refolding Vessels that are required for refolding of proteins.
  • Chromatography Loading Vessels which are required for product loading on chromatography column.
  • Equilibration Vessels which are required to load equilibrium buffers on column.
  • Elution Vessel that can elute the column.
  • TFF Process Vessel are required for micro-filtration, Diafiltration, ultra-filtration & concentration of products.
  • Purification Vessels
  • RTF-Ready to Fill vessels,  Pressure Vessels,  Stability Study Vessels