Process Integration

BAPS’s ability to design complete process integration is one of its most significant strengths. Our hands-on process handling experience is critical in developing integrated solutions that include process transfers, CIP & SIP circuits/loops with full automation, and consideration of aspects of Qualification/validation activities. We can create a complete process block for upstream/downstream/compounding/holding/filtration all the way to the filling machine. We deliver an entire block rather than just stand-alone vessels/skids because we only require the respective PFD and URS.

  • ASME BPE Compliance
  • GAMP5 Compliance
  • Complete compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Efficient and Reliable system architecture.
  • Collaboration with cutting edge technology.
  • Simplified, informative and instructive interface.
  • Safety alarms and interlocks.
  • In-house PLC Programming facility.
  • Qualified welder as per ISO and ASME
  • Orbital Welding