Avinash Zade

Managing Director
The visionary behind BioAspire Process Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A hard-core mechanical expert who began his career 31 years ago with a small rented lathe machine.

Asmita Zade

Finance Director
An enthusiastic finance expert. Asmita, holds a bachelor's degree in biotechnology and an MBA in finance, oversees BioAspire's financial and administrative operations.

Mangesh Patkar

Chief Executive Officer
Expert in business operations, Mr. Mangesh is responsible for managing the company's overall operations and resources, & serving as the primary point of contact between the board of directors and corporate operations.

Pramod Jadhav

Head of Design Engineering And Project Management
A Mechanical engineer by qualifications, heading the design engineering & Project management since last 8 years. He also handles the project management activities in company.

Waman Patil

Head of Automation & Instrumentation
Around 20 years of experience in process automation & instrumentation. Designing various kinds of options for automation architectures suiting client’s process,facility layouts & budgets.

Nilesh Bhosle

Head of Manufacturing
A hard core Mechanical Engineer with Bachelor’s degree, has been one of the core team member since last 8 yrs. Leading the team of Manufacturing activities in both the shops of heavy & light manufacturing.