Agitation/Mixing Module

This is a crucial component of any process solution, particularly in the Fermenter/Bioreactor. For effective mass transfer of nutrients, gases, and temperature maintenance, agitation or mixing is required. The cell line determines which impeller to use and how fast it should spin.
BioAspire can provide the right type of agitator and mounting for your process and cell needs.
Mechanical agitators with double mechanical wet seals or dry seals.
Rushton turbine impellers for high shear resistant microbial cell culture. For effective mass transfer and power consideration, advanced BT-6 is used.
Shear sensitive culture: Three-blade segment impellers are designed specifically for shear sensitive cell cultures. To achieve homogeneous and thorough mixing of the culture media, the impeller creates an axial flow.

Bottom mounted mechanical or magnetic agitator and magnetic mixers.

Bottom driven agitator requires less clearance
Magnetic motor does not require any separate mechanical seal
Segment impeller, axial mixing with low shear
Absolutely tight/close system
No influence on the integrity of the system
Easy cleaning and sterilization
Low shearing force &Careful mixing allows handling of sensitive
products e.g. proteins, cells, blood fractions or factors.

To break a vortex in terms of top mounted agitators, baffles are