Aeration / DO Control Module

BAPS designed Fermenter / Bioreactors can be supplied with Air, N2, O2, and CO2 depending on the needs of the respective process and culture. Individual MFCs with their own gas lines (except nitrogen line). Smart process automation can also include a flow metre with a control valve. In the event that the MFC fails, a rota metre is installed on the bypass line to ensure that the gas supply is not interrupted. On each gas line, there are PRVs, NRVs, and isolation valves.

Individual or shared 0.2 filter for sparger and overlay lines, with independent SIP/CIP options and design for qualification/validation.
Control and maintain p02 in CASACDE mode with selectable air flow, agitation, back pressure, and O2.
Removable ring sparger or sintered stainless steel 316L Micro sparger with a pore size of 20 micrometres